Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Hello. I've finally jumped on the Blogger Bandwagon, or should that be Blogwagon? Maybe Blagon (though in these time of 'txtspk' that would soon be converted to 'blgn' which could mean anything.
But I digress.....
Welcome to my blog, it will be mainly centred around football and my fondness for it as well as my thoughts on certain football headlines.
Throughout my posts I will most likely make reference to several football teams or leagues that affect me or have some influence in my life at present; so in order to avoid an explanation of each, every time I mention them, please refer to the handy list below:

Leeds United FC - Should be obvious to most UK readers. England-based football team, recently promoted to The Championship (2nd tier of English Football). Used to be 'up there' with the elite in the top flight challenging for a place in the Champions League. More about Leeds to come (probably in my next post).

Nelson Youth FC - 
The kids team that I have recently finished coaching. When the boys finish their Under 16's season, then that's the end of Youth Football. As such I have taken the opportunity to detach myself from coaching in order to join a football team that I can actually play for.

Inter-Nelson - 
The name of the 5-a-side team I currently play for. It includes a couple of players from Nelson Youth and some friends of those players. We play in the County 5ives Tuesday League (Premiership) and at the time of writing we have only played 2 games (though a 3rd was awarded to the opposition due to us joining late). You can follow our progress on the blog as well as on the FA Website - Click Here. Eventually I will add a permanent link somewhere in the side bar of my blog, when I know how.

Others - As I said, I am currently looking for an 11-a-side team to play for, so I may chuck in the odd name of a team I'm training with/playing for.

I'll try to keep my posts as interesting as possible. Any ideas or feedback would be welcomed.

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